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    You and I are partners, Hope.

  2. "It’s time."

Sobre mí

Ok, this is a hard thing. My name... oh in fact is not relevant you can call me Kyara, I have 20 years and a lot of different likes and no one have anything to do with each other, so yeah, I guess I'm a geek. Besides that I am an industrial design student and yes, i love my fucking career. My biggest dream is write and publish a book.

My loves:

~ Write (Actually a fic headcannon of Hopelight after LR not publish until I finished. My own three books saga and a novel in company with the most perfect beta in the world.
~ Read (a lot of books, novels, pdfs, journals, etc)
*Percy Jackson saga and all books of themost evil uncle in the world (Rick Riordan)
*The Fault in our Stars (John Greem)
*The eight (Katherine Neville)
* Shadownhunters (Cassandra Clare)
~Music (No Doutb, Monsieur Periné, T-ara, rock, alternative, indie)
~Final Fantasy. I'm not a gamer but this saga makes me crazy. Especially XIII
~ Desing
*Hopelight, Hopurai, Hopelight or whatever, this guys are perfects
*Percabeth (Percy and Annabeth PJO)
* Sizzy (Simon and Izzy COLS)
* Ichiruki, Nalu and a lot of anime, but in less level that the first threes.

Me gusta